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欧宝·(ob)官方体育客户端App下载|ios/Android/手机一、 图文联合类(1) 假设你是李华,寒假期间你准备和家人去香港迪斯尼乐园游玩。你想相识有关订票方面的详细情况,例如:能否在网上订票?团体购票是否可以打折?能否因故取消订票?你在互联网上查到了一份门票价钱表(见下表),但另有些详细信息不明确。请给迪斯尼乐园发一封信,询问有关情况。...
本文摘要:一、 图文联合类(1) 假设你是李华,寒假期间你准备和家人去香港迪斯尼乐园游玩。你想相识有关订票方面的详细情况,例如:能否在网上订票?团体购票是否可以打折?能否因故取消订票?你在互联网上查到了一份门票价钱表(见下表),但另有些详细信息不明确。请给迪斯尼乐园发一封信,询问有关情况。


一、 图文联合类(1) 假设你是李华,寒假期间你准备和家人去香港迪斯尼乐园游玩。你想相识有关订票方面的详细情况,例如:能否在网上订票?团体购票是否可以打折?能否因故取消订票?你在互联网上查到了一份门票价钱表(见下表),但另有些详细信息不明确。请给迪斯尼乐园发一封信,询问有关情况。

Ticket Prices□Regular□Peak□SpecialAdultsHK $ 295HK $ 350HK $ 350Children(aged 3 to 11)HK $ 210HK $ 250HK $ 250Seniors(65 or over )HK $ 170HK $ 200HK $ 200Children under 3?参考词汇:取消cancel 折扣 discount 要求:词数100左右;可凭据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。注意:信的开头与末端已给出。Dear Sir / Madam, Yours, Li Hua [思路点拨题材:书信; 时态:一般现在时人称:第一人称要点提示:(1)寒假期间你准备和家人去香港迪斯尼乐园游玩, (2)你想相识有关订票方面的详细情况; (3)能否在网上订票; (4)团体购票是否可以打折; (5)能否因故取消订票; (6) 盼愿尽快回音篇章结构:文章可分两段重点句型使用:I wonder whether… Is it possible for sb to do sth? I’d like to know if…One possible version:Dear Sir / MadamMy family are planning a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland this winter vacation. I’ve got some information about the ticket prices on the Internet and now I’m writing for some detailed information.I wonder whether children under 3 need to pay for a ticket and what is the difference between a peak day ticket and a special day ticket. Is it possible for us to get a discount if we buy tickets as a group? Can we book tickets through the Internet? Besides, I’d like to know if we are allowed to cancel our ticket bookings if we cannot make the trip for personal reasons.I am looking forward to your replyYours,Li Hua(2) 如果你是李华。


开头已为你写好。(字数120词左右)HELP NEEDED THIS SUMMER Every summer we run an International Camp for 8 to 12-year-old children .You will help with :—outdoor activities—entertainment —sports competitions —children’s games Free accommodation Free food Only 5 hours’ work a day !Beautiful place …Not Wonderful, but…Explain why the work was fun last year !Tents!Enough free time for us Dear Jane ,I have already told you about the job I did last summer in the International Camp for children , do you remember ? And this year they are looking for people for the same job so I … [思路点拨题材:书信; 时态:一般现在时人称:第一 人称要点提示:(1) 回忆去年,收获颇多(2)今年,你想邀请你的挚友Jane一起为夏令营事情(3)夏令营到场者(4)夏令营的所在 (5)夏令营的食宿问题 (6)夏令营的意义 (7)盼愿尽快回音篇章结构:文章可分三段重点句型使用:such … that引导的倒装句 as 引导的定语从句 as well as … not … but精彩词汇: be situated in , on one’s own , the contact with children , the feeling of freedom , the sense of responsibility , hesitate too much, it is worth !One possible version:Dear Jane ,I have already told you about the job I did last summer in the International Camp for children , do you remember ? And this year they are looking for people for the same job so I have thought about you . Why don’t we do it together ?You will work with children between 8 and 12 and will help with the outdoor activities , sports competition and children’s games . The camp is situated in a wood , close to a river . Such a beautiful place is it that it is everyone’s dream to go there ! As is very exciting ,everybody sleeps in tents . We have only 5 hours’ work a day so it gives us enough free time to visit the area and do some sport activities on our own . As well as the accommodation , the food is free . It is not wonderful , but it is the most important .(The contact with children , the feeling of freedom , the sense of responsibility and the life in the nature make from this camp an unforgettable experience.)Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in it , but don’t hesitate too much , it is worth !I am looking forward to hearing from you soon .YoursLi Hua二、看法表述类:(1)正反看法表述:如果你是某中学学生李华。最近,你班同学正在到场21世纪英文报“大家谈”栏目的一个讨论。

本次话题为:“怙恃有没有须要陪读?”请你凭据下表所列情况给报社写一封信,客观地先容讨论的情况。70%的同学认为:30%的同学认为:1.怙恃不应该陪读2.怙恃陪读让我们养成依赖的习惯,倒霉于我们 未来自控能力的造就,倒霉于我们造就良好的学习习惯。

3.怙恃陪读影响了他们的事情、学习和休息1.怙恃应该陪读2.怙恃陪读能使我们腾出更多的时间专心学习,使我们身体更康健。3.怙恃陪读能资助我们确立学习目的,督促我们完成学习任务,勉励我们独立解决难题, 造就我们养成良好的学习习惯。注意:1.信的形式已经为你写好。

2.词数100左右。3.参考词汇:陪读 accompany sb. Studying at school 督促 urge[思路点拨题材:书信; 时态:一般现在时人称:第一人称要点提示:(1)怙恃不应该陪读(2)怙恃陪读让我们养成依赖的习惯(3)倒霉于我们未来自控能力的造就(4)倒霉于我们造就良好的学习习惯。(5)怙恃陪读影响了他们的事情、学习和休息(6)怙恃应该陪读(7)怙恃陪读能使我们腾出更多的时间专心学习(8)使我们身体更康健。

(9)怙恃陪读能资助我们确立学习目的 (11)督促我们完成学习任务(12)勉励我们独立解决难题,(13) 造就我们养成良好的学习习惯。篇章结构:文章可分三段毗连词的使用:so that what’s more at the same time besides on the other hand while 精彩词汇:accompany sb doing sth fall into the habit of form the good habit of it is harmful for sb to do sth think it necessary for sb to do sth urge sb to do sthDear editor,I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we recently had about whether our parents should accompany us studying at school.We do have different opinions on this matter. Most of us (about 70%) think out parents should not accompany us studying at school since it make us fall into the habit of dependence, so that we won’t form the good habit of studying. What’s more, it is harmful for us to form the habit of controlling ourselves. At the same time it affects our parents’ work studies and rest.While about 30% of my classmates think it necessary for our parents to accompany us studying at school. Accompanying us studying school can let us have more time to spare for our studies. Besides, we shall be more healthy for their cooking. On the other hand our parents can help us set up our aim, finish our task, encourage us to overcome difficulties and get us into the good habit of studying.Yours truly,Li Hua(2)小我私家看法表述:现在家长为孩子请家教是一种普遍现象。前几年多见于初、高中学生,现在有些小学生也请家教。

怙恃们如此舍不得花钱和忍心占去孩子的时间,究竟是为什么呢?某中学生英语报正在征文,相识其中原因。请凭据下面所给的标题和首段内容,分析慢、中、快三类学生请家教的原因并说明你对家教现象的态度。参考词汇:1.慢等生:catch up with sb. ; become dependent on sth.依赖……2.中等生:surpass vt.凌驾3.快等生:more competitive 更有竞争力的 Why Students Have Tutors(家教)?Les’s take one class, either in primary or high school, as an example and divide it into three groups: the slow, the middle, and the fast learners. In the past, the slow learners used to have tutors. Today, however, it seems all of them have tutors for one reason or another.……[思路点拨题材:报道; 时态:一般现在时人称:第三人称要点提示:(1)分析慢生请家教的原因(2)分析中等生请家教的原因(3)分析优生请家教的原因并(4)说明你对这种现象的态度。

篇章结构:文章可分三段精彩词汇:catch up with have difficulty in doing become dependent on as to be surpassed turn to be confident about fix eyes on desire to doOne possible version:Why Students Have Tutors(家教)?Les’s take one class, either in primary or high school, as an example and divide it into three groups: the slow, the middle, and the fast learners. In the past, the slow learners used to have tutors. Today, however, it seems all of them have tutors for one reason or another.The slow learners need tutors because they can’t catch up with others with their own efforts. They have difficulty in understanding the teachers and doing their homework. So after – class tutoring is really important to them. But the problem is that they may become dependent on tutors and not work very hard in class.As to the middle group learners, they worry about being surpassed and turn to tutors, too.What about the fast learners? Though they are confident about their present position, they are not quite satisfied. They fix their eyes on a high goal. They desire to learn more in order to be more competitive later.I think they have the right to have tutors, though I have no tutors.三、电子邮件、书信、日记及各种应用文体(1) 口头通知如果你是班长,凭据下面的内容和提示,写一篇100词左右的口头通知,以便向同学们宣布。事由:接待澳大利亚学生来校观光。观光时间:6月15日上午9:00-12:00.观光人数:约60人。

运动摆设:1. 8:30在校门口。2. 9:00带客人到集会室开联欢会。

3. 领客人观光植物园、校办工厂。4. 11:00在操场举行篮球角逐。5. 客人12:00离校。注意事项:1. 对客人要友好。

2. 要用英语攀谈。[思路点拨题材:通知 时态:一般未来时人称:第一人称常用短语句型:(1)口头通知开头语May I have your attention, please?Attention please, everyone. I have an announcement to make.Be quite. There is something important I have to tell you.I have something (important) to tell you.I’m glad to tell you something important.(2) 其他用于口头通知的牢固套语(如叫听者不要迟到、接待某人到场某运动等):Everyone is asked to be there on time.Be sure not to be late.Please be present on time.Please take your notebooks with you and be sure on time.Those who are interested in it are warmly welcome.(3) 口头通知的竣事套语主要有:That’s all. Thank you very much.One possible version:Boys and girls,May I have your attention, please? About sixty Australian students will come to visit our school on June 15. We’ll meet them at the school gate at 8:30. We’ll take them to the meeting-room, where a get-together will be held. After that, we’ll show them around our botanical garden and the school-run factory. At11:00 there will be a basketball match on the playground. They’ll leave our school at 12:00.Please be friendly to them. We must talk with them in English.That’s all. Thank you. 摘自www.nmet168.com(2)书面通知请凭据提示写一份通知。(1) 高二(5)在本周五晚上要开个英语晚会。

(2) 晚饭后6:30在课堂荟萃,晚会7:00开始。(3) 每个同学都要演出一个节目,内容不限。(4) 接待老师和全班同学到场。

(5) 出通知的时间是2012年3月15日。摘自高考英语网[思路点拨题材:通知 时态:一般未来时人称:第三人称常用短语句型:Everyone is required to be present on time.Everybody is expected to attend it on time.All teachers and students are required to…(全体师生务须要……)Notice is hereby given that…(兹通知……)Our school / The Student Union will / is going to hold…A lecture will be given at 7:00 this evening in…One possible version:NOTICEAn English evening party will be held on Friday Evening. Every one of our class is requested to be in the classroom at 6:30 after supper. The party will begin at 7:00 P.M. Each of the students should perform during the evening party. You may tell a story, sing a song, make a speech or read a poem and so on. All the teachers and students are welcome to attend our English evening.Everybody is expected to attend it on time. 摘自www.nmet168.comClass 5, Grade Two March 15, 2012(3)日记 你的一天运动摆设如下,请你据此写一篇日记。时 间地 点活 动 安 排8:00校门口接待美国学生(约50人)到校到场会见8:30-9:30图书馆阅鉴室联欢会(get-together),交流礼物9:30-10:30校园内观光教学楼、实验楼、校办工厂、游泳池10:30-11:30操场友谊篮球赛12:00校门口美国学生离校14:00-17:00几家信店和几名同学选择、购置了书和磁带交流:exchange vt.2011年11月25日 星期六 晴[思路点拨题材:日记 时态:一般已往时人称:第一人称注意点:(1) 花样要正确。英文日记与中文日记写法大致相同,都是在正文之前,先依次有日期、星期几及当天的天气情况。

(2) 表达要清楚、准确、连贯。判断的尺度就是通过阅读你的日记,看你能否用简练明晰的英语把所给的汉语提示准确无误地表达出来,以及自己的感想等。(3) 文体要口语化。

因为日记是写给自己看的,其内容多是记述自己亲身履历和亲眼看到的事或抒发自己的情感等,所以用第一人称写,文体也不必太过讲求,只需把该写的工具写清楚即可。One possible version:Nov. 25 Saturday fineAbout fifty American students came to visit our school today.We gathered at the school at 8 o'clock to give them a warm welcome. Then we had a get-together in the reading room in our library. Our headmaster told them something about our school. And then we talked with each other and exchanged gifts. From nine thirty we showed them around our school. They visited our classroom building, the lab building, the factory run by our school, and the swimming pool. A friendly basketball game started on the sports ground at then thirty. At twelve o'clock all American students left our school.In the afternoon my classmates and I went to some shops. We chose and bought some books and tapes. I was busy but happy today.(4)招聘启事[hide一家电脑公司拟招聘2名英语翻译,请你写一份招聘启事。应聘条件如下:1. 男女不限,年事在25岁以下;2. 本省住民;3. 能熟练地运用英语;4. 熟悉电脑操作。请有意者在两个月内将中英文简历、近照两张邮寄到NBA电脑公司Mary小姐。

[思路点拨题材:招聘启事 时态:一般现在时人称:第三人注意点:按顺序列出招聘条件One possible version:Help WantedA computer company wants two English translators who can meet the following requirements:1. male or female aged under 25;2. living in this province;3. able to use English freely;4. with the knowledge of operating computers.Anyone who is willing to, please send your resume in Chinese and English within two months, including two photos, to Miss Mary of NBA computer company.(5)电子邮件假定你是李明,去年时期曾赴美国加州帕萨迪那市的一所中学举行短期观光访向,住在Peter家。今年寒假Peter要来北京,将住在你家。请凭据下列信息给Peter发个电邮件。内容到京到机场接机,举行接待家宴运动观光长城等胜景奇迹加入浏览中国民乐新年音乐会游览富贵市区、购物希望如行程允许,在北京过春节注意:1.词数不少于120;2.对紧扣主题的发挥不予扣分;3.开头与末端已为你写好。

January 26th , 2012Hi ! It’s Li Ming here .Glad to learn you’re coming to Beijing , China . I believe we will have much fun together .WELL , SEE YA SOON. BYE ! L Li Ming[思路点拨题材:电子邮件 时态:一般现在时人称:第一人内容要点:1.接机、家宴;2.游览长城、市区及购物;3.浏览新年音乐会;4.希望共渡春节注意点:电子邮件的花样January 26th, 2012Hi! It’s Li Ming here again.Glad to learn you’re coming to Beijing in a couple of days. My family and I are looking forward to your visit and we are so glad you can stay with us while you are in Beijing. We have got everything ready for you so as to make you feel at home.On the day you arrive, my father and I will meet you at the airport and in the evening we will have a nice dinner party at home, I’m sure you will like all the delicious Chinese food.During the following days, I will show you around many places of interest in Beijing, including the Great Wall, which is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world. We will spend some time touring around downtown Beijing, such as Wangfujing, Xidan and Qianmen, where you can do some shopping if you like. Of course, as it is the largest one in the world, Tian’anmen Square is a scenic spot we can’t miss. Another exciting moment we will share is going to the 2007 New Year Concert given by China National Traditional Orchestra, which is held at famous Vienna Golden Hall, Austria during the Chinese Spring Festival every year.The Spring festival, like the carnivals in western countries, is a special joyous/joyful occasion of celebration for Chinese as well as other many Asians. If you can stay in Beijing long enough, you will be able to share the pleasure of it with us.I believe we will have much fun together. WELL, SEE YA SON, BYR! Li M(6)致辞[思路点拨写作要领做好这类题目关键要注意两点:一是像做其他类型书面表达题一样,掌握好提示十分重要。接待词,必须交待清楚接待谁,客人的主要身份,同时把客人先容给大家。


你们将送一幅中国画送给他们。现在要你准备一篇接待词(speech),内容包罗以下几点:(1) 接待英国客人来观光我校;(2) 谢谢他们送的礼物;(3) 简朴先容你们学校的情况:学校有90年的历史,现在有两座教学楼,一座办公楼,一座实验楼,一个图书馆,和一个大运动场。

教师事情认真,学生学习努力;(4) 接待客人在观光后提建议,以革新学校事情。摘自高考英语网Ladies and gentlemen,teachers and students,I have the honour to make a speech to welcome the respected British guests — Mr Jones and Mrs Jones. Thank you very much for your gifts — a 1ot of books and computers. In return we’ll send you a famous Chinese picture as a present.Our school is a big one. It is 90 years since it was built. Now it has been equipped with two teaching buildings, a laboratory building, a library, and a playground. The teachers are strict in their work and students study hard.After you have been shown around our school, we hope you’ll give us advice on how to improve our work so that we can run our school better.Wish you to have a good time in Our school.(7)书信类阅读下面这封中学生来信(摘自 China Daily 21 Century).Dear Editor:I am a new student at Haining Hongda Senior High School. My home is far from Haining, so I must live at school. This is the first time for me to get away from my parents. I feel very sad. When I left home, I couldn’t help tearing myself away from them. I do not want to be alone at school, and I am a shy girl. I have been crying in bed at night these days. I want to stay at home forever. I miss my parents very much. Could you tell me what to do ?Your early reply is expected.RegardsAmy请凭据以上内容,写一封回信(信的开头已为你好。


Dear Amy:Thank you for your letter. I am so glad to have a talk about your present situation with you. Dear Amy:Thank you for your letter. I am so glad to have a talk about your present situation with you.People often miss their parents the first time they leave home. Most people do have to leave home for higher education or employment. You cannot live with your parents forever. I think you should realize that present separation will help your academic development and your improvement of personal ability.You need to make friend on your school campus, sharing ideas with your classmates who are physically closest to you now. Maybe you will still miss your parents, but your new friends will bring you happiness and joy to your new life. Also I suggest you enjoy yourself by taking an active part in different kinds of activities in school. You will get much pleasure from it.Wish you happy every day.Faithfully yours×××(4)五月四日,高三年级一班和二班之间将举行一次有关环保问题的演讲角逐(a talk show on environment protection)。此前,二班邀请清华大学的Dr Li做相关内容的陈诉。假定你是二班的班长,请你草拟一个有关陈诉会的口头通知。

注意:1.内容应包罗提示及表格内的全部要点;2.词数在100左右;3.开头已为你写好。陈诉内容近些年北京的情况问题及已取得的进步地 点教学楼三楼集会厅(auditorium)时 间四月三十日,星期三下午 2:00目 的资助大家收集信息,为演讲做好准备到场人员全班同学其他摆设会后议论May I have your attention, please?As you know, our class will have a talk show on environment protection with Class One on May 4th. Before it takes place, we May I have your attention, please?As you know, our class will have a talk show on environment protection with Class One on May 4th.Before it takes place, we will invite Dr Li from Qinghua University to give us a talk on the environment problem and he will also tell us about the improvement in environment protection in recent years in Beijing.The report will begin at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, April 30th in the auditorium on the third floor in the classroom building. I’m sure we can get enough information from his talk to make good preparations for the coming talk show. everyone should be there on time, then listen to the report and make full notes at the same time.By the way, we will have a discussion after the report.That’s all. Thank you.四、图片漫画类作文 1视察左面的一幅漫画,用英语写一篇100—120左右题为“Birds with Weak Wings”的漫笔要求:1、简要形貌漫画内容;2、说明图示所反映的社会现状; 3、揭晓自己的看法和看法。4、参考词汇:农民工(off-farm workers)参考范文There stands a tall tree in which there is a beautiful house called the city’s primary school. Under it, five little birds, on whose backs are written five characters which mean “children of off-farm workers”, are sitting on the ground. They are eagerly looking at the house above. How they want to fly into the house to receive better education, but their wings are too weak.As we know, a lot of off-farm workers come to cities to earn their living, bringing their children. They work very hard and make our city more and more beautiful, but they still can’t afford the expensive schooling for their children. They have no choice but to keep their children at home.In my opinion, it is really unfair. Every child should have the equal right to receive education .I suggest the government should spend more money building some schools, where the children of off-farm workers can enjoy the fun of learning. Only in this way can we enjoy a harmonious society.漂亮女郎的行为残疾老人的行为你的评论作文 2党中央招呼全国人民树立“八荣八耻”荣辱观,仔细寓目下面这组漫画,凭据要求以Beauty Comes From Action为题写一篇150词左右的漫笔。

参考范文In the above cartoons, a young woman happily eats bananas and throws the peels on the street, unaware of the fact that such actions not only pollute the environment but also bring danger to others. However, a disabled man struggles to pick up the peels she has left behind and put them in the dustbin. It is really a difficult job for this disabled old man.In my opinion, despite the girl's beauty, it is the disabled man who is truly beautiful. Being well dressed is of great importance in keeping a good appearance. However, we should always keep this in mind: True beauty comes from one's actions . The old man is displaying a more beautiful virtue even though he is disabled , compared with the young girl.  While most of us enjoy pretty appearances, I think it is more important to have a clean and beautiful soul. Only such souls can create a beautiful society. 五、 数据统计类作文一如果你是李华,在最近的研究性学习当中,受《21世纪中学生英语报》 (The 21st Century)之邀,你对你所在的班60名同学(男女各半)举行了上网目的的观察。现将观察效果(如下表所示)用英语给报社的编辑写一封信,报道此事,以引起舆论的关注,并提出你的看法和建议。注意:1、报道应包罗图表所示全部内容,可适度发挥。

2、文章的开头与末端已给出,不计入总词数。3、词数: 150 4、参考词汇:观察: make a surveyDear editor,I have recently made a survey among 30 boys and 30 girls in my class about their purpose of getting on the Internet. ______________________________________________参考范文Dear editor,I have recently made a survey among 30 boys and 30 girls in my class about their purpose of getting on the Internet.The girls’ favorite is chatting, but few boys like it. What the boys like to do most is playing games and the girls also like it. Both boys and girls like to read news or send e-mails on the Internet. Maybe they think it’s the most convenient way to get information from keeping in touch with friends转载奇速英语 苏彬。